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Residents of Bend, Oregon, are unique and diverse. Some of their amazing qualities are their passion for the outdoors, their pets are part of their families, their health consciousness, and their care for quality of life. 

People in Central Oregon want greener cleaning options, they want their homes legitimately clean, and Bend residents do not want chemical residue left behind by the cleaner. They want to know that their families are safe and healthy.

This means they need a unique solution to deal with the dirt and grime that builds up in their homes. Rock Solid Finish offers a unique, thorough, eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning solution to meet the needs of Bend residents.

Step One:

We always complete a pre-work inspection of the tile and grout condition looking for broken tiles or damaged grout.

Step Two:

We apply a simple non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt and grime that’s ingrained into the floor. The agitation produces an emulsifying effect allowing us to remove the filth.

Step Three:

Next we use our patented floor cleaning tool that applies heated water at just the right pre-selected cleaning pressure at pre-selected to levels that avert any damage. While the pre-heated water is applied, we simultaneously vacuum-extract the water at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the floor surface nearly dry.

Do not waste more time and effort "trying" to clean your hard surfaces with mop and bucket or a steam cleaning service. We offer you quick, effective, and affordable deep cleaning services that work on any hard surface: tile and grout, granite, slate, travertine, brick, pavers, and concrete. If you have a hard surface, we can service it - wall or floor.

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout with an assortment of additional services to complement your unique situation. To your right is a list of additional surfaces we can clean with our specialized equipment.

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