About Us

Who are we?

Edward Heaton left the corporate ladder in 2015 with a desire to spend more time with his family. This desire was met by his experience with the consistently poor service and tools of the floor cleaning industry as he had contracted these services in the past.

After watching video of the equipment that he would eventually purchase, he felt that this was the right time to move forward with starting Rock Solid Finish.

Away from the business, the family enjoys board games, hiking, camping, fishing, Texas Barbeque, running, and swimming.

Why Rock Solid Finish?
We exist to bring the fun back to your floors!  Why do we say fun? Well, in our house, like yours, we play on the floors: carpet, tile, even concrete. To us, "fun" means laughter and smiles.

We wrestle, tickle, and build things on the floors. We play Uno and Monopoly on our floors, the kids do homework on the floors and at the counter. Perhaps you have furry friends that play outside and join in the fun.

Now for the tough question: What is in and on your tile & grout, carpet, concrete, natural stone, or even your car upholstery that inhibits the fun and health of your family? Very likely there is dust, dirt, oils from skin or your driveway that was tracked in on your shoes. As the spills were cleaned up, did you get all of it out? If not, then you may have bacteria growing in the grout, on the surfaces, in the corners, and in the carpet.

Let us clean and seal your floors to take away the worry and help you bring the fun back to your floors!

Rock Solid Finish provides premier services to residents Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Brasada Ranch, Black Butte Ranch and beyond with astonishing service and the best investment in cleaning and restoring carpet and hard surfaces.

Call today for a free evaluation and quote! See for yourself how Rock Solid Finish can revitalize your flooring surfaces!

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