Rock Solid Finish provides excellence in cleaning services and premium floor coating installations. We currently use grout, stone, and concrete sealers after cleaning. In 2016 we traveled for training with the Adsil corporation, makers of MicroGuard protective sealer coatings. We are now Certified Installers of MicroGuard for tile, stone, concrete, and non-ferrous metals.

MicroGuard benefits:

  • Restores Tile and Grout to Like New
  • Tile and Grout are sealed positively
  • Eliminates foul odors - from kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Superior stain resistance - even KoolAid, wine, and betadine!
  • Improved coefficient of friction - giving improved traction
  • Non-porous - making cleaning and maintenance easy
  • UV stable - will not yellow like urethane.
  • More durable than epoxy or urethane!

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